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Introduction to Backup
Backup is an essential part of your computing experience if you spend great amounts of time on your computer and/or use your computer for important personal or business dealings. There are too many stories of people who have lost all of their files due to system crashes or computer viruses to ignore. When you backup your files, you are storing your files separately from your computer. In this way, if your computer crashes or is infected with a virus that results in a loss of files, you will still have access to your files on backup disks or whatever other backup program you choose to use, such as online backup. You can then restore your files to your computer proper from these backup sources.
While there is certainly a chance that you will never have a need for the backups you make of your files, if something does happen to your computer you will certainly be glad that you have them. And you do not have to backup your entire computer, although this is certainly something. Some things are easily replaced, and there is no need to backup these sorts of things, but those irreplaceable documents or files that are yours and yours alone should be saved in a place where they cannot be damaged. That way, no matter what happens to your computer, you can have security in the fact that all of your files are available in backup.
Back up Solution

Veritas Products

VERITAS data protection - scalable from the desktop to the data center - is the benchmark for data backup and recovery in today's IT environments. Regardless of the type or size of your business, VERITAS backup solutions protect your critical data, simplify the management of data backup and recovery, and provide consistent, reliable data protection. As your business grows and requirements change, you can cost-effectively upgrade, add options, and extend solutions.
VERITAS Backup Exec
Symantec Backup Exec™ 10d for Windows Servers is designed for disk, delivering more reliable, faster, and more efficient true continuous data protection for Windows servers. Backup Exec 10d revolutionizes data protection by eliminating backup windows and introducing the industry's first web-based file retrieval. Combined with its existing family of high performance agents and options to Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint Portal Server, and other database application data, as well as Linux/UNIX server data and desktops and laptops, Backup Exec 10d delivers the only comprehensive disk and tape based solution. One solution - Complete protection. Just add data.

VERITAS NetBackup Enterprise Server delivers high performance data protection that scales to protect the largest UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments. Offering complete protection from desktop to data center to vault, NetBackup software offers a single management tool to consolidate all backup and recovery operations, while providing cutting-edge management, alerting, reporting, and troubleshooting technologies. NetBackup helps organizations take advantage of both tape and disk storage with its advances in disk and snapshot-based protection, off-site media management, and automated disaster recover. For the ultimate in data protection, NetBackup offers data encryption that transmits and stores data using the latest encryption technologies on the market today. To reduce the impact on business critical systems, NetBackup software provides online database and application aware backup and recovery solutions for all leading databases and applications to deliver data availability for Utility Computing.

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