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Encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text into non-readable form or cyphertext, providing privacy. The receiver of the encrypted text uses a “key” to decrypt the message, returning it to its original plain text form. The key is the trigger mechanism to the algorithm.

Until the advent of the Internet, encryption was rarely used by the public, but was largely a military tool. Today, with online marketing, banking, healthcare and other services, even the average householder is aware of encryption.


Utimaco is a world leading producer of professional solutions that secure data within companies and government agencies. The solutions, which have won multiple awards, protect data against unauthorized access and manipulation no matter where it's stored on mobile personal devices, PCs or in networks. SafeGuard Easy, with over four million installations, is the best selling worldwide solution for protecting data on notebooks and PCs. Utimaco is also a leader in electronic transaction protections. In Germany, for example, Utimaco solutions secure over 90 percent of all card-based payment systems. The Utimaco security solutions guarantee the protection of data against unauthorized access on PCs, notebooks, PDAs, smartphones, and networks. Our technologies enable trustworthy business processes and administrative procedures in the electronic world. Our customers place their trust in the protection provided by the SafeGuard family of products and so are able to achieve optimum security for their data.

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The global customer standard for encryption and digital-signature solutions, PGP Corporation continues to lead the industry by providing innovative, easy-to-use solutions that give more people access to encryption technology. PGP Corporation develops, markets, and supports an integrated security suite used by more than 30,000 enterprises, businesses, and governments worldwide as well as thousands of individuals and cryptography experts. Customers depend on PGP solutions as part of a regulatory and audit compliance solution, to protect confidential company information, to secure customer data, and to keep identity information private.

During the past ten years, PGP® technology has earned a global reputation for innovative, standards-based, trusted solutions. The flexible PGP security suite allows customers to phase-in gateway, partner, mobile, or internal email security; data storage protection for laptops, desktops, and removable media; IM encryption; and FTP/batch transfer security using a single key-management and recovery infrastructure. All products share a common development environment and are fully interoperable.

PGP products are designed to be both user and network-friendly. They have earned a reputation for excellence based on their high technical standards and the practical experience of long-term users. PGP Corporation is committed to standards-based, nonproprietary technologies, ensuring wide compatibility among deployments. In addition, PGP Corporation is the only commercial security vendor to publish product source code f or peer review

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