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Pointsec’s award winning enterprise security product,Pointsec® for PC,ensures that the intellectual property stored on your laptops and desktops remains private and secure.
Pointsec® for PC combines enforceable mandatoryaccess control and strong encryption to create anadvanced enterprise security solution.User credentials and confidential data remain rivate, enablingorganizations and agencies to take advantage of today’s mobile technology without compromising security. Pointsec for PC simpli . es security procedures by providing users with a Single Sign-On to multiple operating systems,networks,and PKI security solutions. Pointsec for PC enables the enterprise to enforce its security policy, while providing a security solution that is easy for employees to use, and which does not impede users ’or PCs’ performance. Pointsec for PC is easily managed and completely scalable,whether implementing 500,5,000 or even 50,000 units.
• Enforceable Mandatory Access Control
– Prevents unauthorized use
– Users cannot circumvent or uninstall without correct privilege
• Secure Authentication
– Fixed password
– Dynamic password – ActivCard, SafeWord
• User Transparent Encryption
– Automatic data encryption, no user intervention required
• Non FIPS version
– Provides 128 - bit Cast and 256 - bit Blowfish

• FIPS Version
– Provides Triple DES or 256-bit AES
• User Account Lockout
– Centrally defined number of failed login attemps before logout
• Boot Protection
– Prevents the operating system from booting without proper authentication
• Smart Card & USB Token Support
– Generic Windows PKCS11 support (9 different cards and tokens tested and verified)
• Central Management
– Create, deploy, and update the security policy and users and groups centrally

• Key Recovery
– Administrator controlled data recovery
• Remote Help
– Locked users can call their helpdesk to re-set their password and regain access to the PC and stored data
• Single Sign - On (SSO)capability
– Windows ® Workstations 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
– Network - Windows ® NT4/2000/2003/AD and
Novell ® NetWare 4.x and 5.x
– Entrust ® PKI
• Entrust Integration
– Pointsec will deny access to the PC if the user’s Entrust certi fi cate is revoked
• Pointsec for PC 5 and later
– Supports IBM Rescue and Recovery Ultra III
– MSI Installation Package
– Hyper threading and Multi--processor systems
– Supports AMD Athlon 64 Processors
– Alternate Administration and Management integrating Microsoft Active Directory using Pointsec Management Infrastructure (MI)
Enforceable Mandatory Access Control
Enforceable Mandatory Access Control (EMAC) is essential for the enterprise focused on mandating mobile data security. Pointsec accomplishes this by requiring the user to enter a valid user name and password, whether that password be fixed, dynamic or smart card generated. The operating system will not boot up unless an authorized user is properly authenticated. The access control cannot be bypassed, ensuring proprietary information remains private. Plus, uninstalling must be authorized.
Full Disk Encryption
Full Disk Encryption is an enterprise security requirement, and many CIOs will not deploy a security solution containing anything less.File encryption leaves security gaps,whereas Pointsec for PC’s sector by sector full disk encryption protects everything on the disk, including the operating system, all drives and resident data,temporary files, deleted files and unused space.
Central Administration
Central Administration is a requirement for the enterprise, no matter the software solution being deployed.
With Pointsec for PC,administrators can create, deploy, manage, and update their organization’s laptop

and desktop security policy from any administrator’s PC. Administrators are able to install and configure the software, delegate authorization throughout the network, modify the settings for local conditions, and assign the properties and authorization of individual users or groups by using profiles.
Pointsec allows simple, yet powerful, multi-point inspection of system information, group information, and individual user information.

Pointsec® for PC Requirements

• 15MB Disk Space for Application
• Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP

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